IDEA and Federal Law stipulates that the age of 16 is the age that transition must begin.  Nevada Statutes, however, require that if a student is to be 14 within the year of the operating IEP, the transition process must begin.  What are your thoughts about this?  Are there benefits to starting transition 2 years earlier?  What are they?  Any negatives about the difference?  
Please share the following:

1.  Three new things you learned and will take away to your own practice.
2.  One thing that you have "squared away" in your brain about transition.
3.  One thing that is still "circling about" in your brain related to transition.
Yeah!!  You made it!  This is the last response paper of this type.  Please submit your paper and respond to your classmates.  

1.  What concerns do you have about implementing homework in the classroom?  
2.  In your opinion, why is it crucial to involve parents in a positive behavior plan?
If you have not already submitted your Week 9 paper, you can do so here.  Please feel free to read each others comments and share your thoughts, especially if you did not attend class this week.
Over the next two weeks, your goal is to begin collecting resources.  We will share all of these resources at the end of the class so you will have them.  Find 3 resources that you feel will benefit you in your professional career.  Organize your resources as follows:

Resource Name
Contact Information (web, phone, fax, address)
Describe what this resource does, and how it will benefit you as a professional, your students, other professionals, or the families you work with in 2-3 sentences.

Please see Class Notes page for further details.
Please upload your paper for Week 8.  Respond to others as you are able.  Thanks!
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Which of the seven concepts of partnership is most important to you?  Why?
Share any thoughts you have regarding the F.A.T. City video clips presented.  What impact do you think Richard Lavoie had on the teaching practices of many educators?
Please upload your response paper for week 5, and share your thoughts on others response papers.