Over the next two weeks, your goal is to begin collecting resources.  We will share all of these resources at the end of the class so you will have them.  Find 3 resources that you feel will benefit you in your professional career.  Organize your resources as follows:

Resource Name
Contact Information (web, phone, fax, address)
Describe what this resource does, and how it will benefit you as a professional, your students, other professionals, or the families you work with in 2-3 sentences.

Please see Class Notes page for further details.


03/06/2012 18:50

Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada
316 California Ave #436
Reno, NV 89509

I recently used this network to find resources for one of my students. The student's family is need of financial support for a medical procedure that their daughter needs (my student). The network was able to provide not only contact information for a foundation here in town that can help the family, but they also sent the family information for a monthly support group that they offer.

03/10/2012 23:03

1.Child Find Project

Special Education Services
Child Find Project
560 Mill Street 3rd Floor
Reno, Nevada 89502

Telephone (775) 333-5035
Sally Daggett or Rachael Gates

Child Find Project is an early intervention program in the Washoe County School District Special Education Services Department. Child Find provides services to families and children with disabilities as the children transition at the age of three to five years old into the Washoe County School District Individual Education Program.

2.Assistive Technology Team

Assistive Technology Team
560 Mill Street, 3rd floor
Reno, Nevada 89502

Phone: 775-333-5036
Fax: 775-333-5318

Please contact the AT office for a referral packet by either calling (775) 333-5036 or emailing mwheeler@washoe.k12.nv.us.

The Assistive Technology Team (AT) provides AT equipment, whether low-tech or high-tech, to allow a child to complete a task he/she would not have otherwise been able to complete. Assistive Technology devices and services are provided when determined to be educationally necessary for a child to receive a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE). Any student with an Individual Education Program is eligible for Assistive Technology but, students must have a problem that technology could solve. I can talk with the AT team to find out if there is AT services available for a student.

3.Hypermobility Syndrome Association

a/k/a: HMSA

Hypermobility Syndrome Association
49 Orchard Crescent
Plymouth, Intl PL9 7NF
United Kingdom

084-5 3-45 4465

Email Address


The Hypermobility Syndrome Association is a support group for individuals and families affected by hypermobility syndrome, a composite term referring to laxity of the joints. At one end of the spectrum, this would include diseases such as Marfan syndrome, with potentially serious complications. At the other end, it would include conditions such as benign joint hypermobility syndrome, which may result in pain or other problems but do not pose a serious threat to life and health. The association provides information and educational materials to medical practitioners, as well as to patients and families. Members are welcome from all countries. I can contact the association for information and refer parents to the support group of HMSA.

04/17/2012 13:26

Nevada Medicaid
1100 East William Street, Suite 101
Carson City , NV 89701
(775) 684-3676
(775) 687-3893 (Fax)
Although in today’s technological age, some may not have the avenues to reach these resources and find avenues for aid in caring for a child with special needs.
Children With Special Health Care Needs
3427 Goni Road, Suite 108
Carson City, NV 89706
(775) 684-4285
This is a great resource to put parents in contact with people that have all sorts of resources to meet the needs of a child with disabilities.
Section 508.gov (IT Accessibility & Workforce Division (ITAW))
Office of Governmentwide Policy 1800 F Street NW, Room G211
Washington, DC 20405
(Help) 202-208-7420
202-501-2010 (TTY)
202-501-6269 (Fax)
A great organization that provides technology assistance to those in need in order to improve the quality of life for the child.


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