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03/23/2012 18:36

1. What do you envision your role to be in supporting families to meet their basic needs? What resources do you have at your disposal now to help you help families?
I see my role in supporting families to meet their basic needs in several ways. One role I see as important is to be able to guide the parents to support groups. They can talk with other parents who have children with the same special needs. It is important for parents to know they are not alone and there are others who understand what they are going through. Some of the support groups can have local chapters and others will not have local chapters. They can communicate by email or chats and get the help they need at that moment in time. Another way I can support families is by guiding them to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid. This resource can provide financial aid for families who need help.

As I do not have a classroom, the resources I have available to me are very limited. I have a list of resources or agencies I can ask for information. I know about a few agencies like Child Find and SSI. When I get in a classroom, I will be able to develop more resources to assist parents and families. Also important is what grade I will be teaching or if I will be in a special education classroom. This will influence what resources I need to develop.

03/27/2012 12:23

Janis, this will be an essential part of your job: resource gathering. As you have a classroom, and attend trainings, you will begin know what is available. The more you know bout community happenings, the more you can share important events with your families. Nicely done.

04/17/2012 13:37

If I was to be a teacher in the special needs area, I would see myself as a resource for the families to gain connections to people and services that they will need in the care for their special needs child. Although bound by certain laws I will also see myself as a avenue to communicating concerns and voicing opinions about their situation.
I do not have many connections that are personal with agencies that are involved in this but I do have the ability and resources to make the proper connections to aid these people.


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