Over the next two weeks, your goal is to begin collecting resources.  We will share all of these resources at the end of the class so you will have them.  Find 3 resources that you feel will benefit you in your professional career.  Organize your resources as follows:

Resource Name
Contact Information (web, phone, fax, address)
Describe what this resource does, and how it will benefit you as a professional, your students, other professionals, or the families you work with in 2-3 sentences.

Please see Class Notes page for further details.


Michele Walsh
07/09/2011 11:14

Michele Walsh July 2011
Resources Collection
Resource #1:
Kids as Self Advocates (http://www.fvkasa.org/index.php)
A project of Family Voices
For general information about KASA, please email: info@fvkasa.org
Phone: (505) 872-4774
FAX: (505) 872-4780
PROJECT STAFF: Jennifer Thomas, Project Director (as of July 1st)
This is a resource run and generated by youth with disabilities. They are the board and staff members of the organization. Their goal is to connect with and empower other youth with disabilities to advocate for themselves. They have written guides and articles on topics ranging from voting, dating, education, and safety. They also speak to parents and educators on topics from their perspective like right now the focus is on the paraprofessional in the classroom. They also have teleconferences and many great downloadable resources. I use this as a resource for students, parent and myself.

Resource #2:
Family Voices (http://www.familyvoices.org/about)
3701 San Mateo Blvd NE, Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone: (505) 872-4774 ~ Toll-Free: (888) 835-5669 ~ Fax: (505) 872-4780
Family-centered care, family leadership, diversity and cultural competency, advocacy, research, and health care management resources are just some of the areas this organization addresses. I have much more to see on this site as I have only accessed it for the first time from my KASA link but I can see how it could be a strong tool for parents. Based on what I have read so far, I can see using the data/research area as a tool for my own knowledge base and growth.

Resource #3:
Human Intelligence (http://www.indiana.edu/~intell/map.shtml)
This is from the University of Indian and I got it from our Psychological Foundations class with Dixi (everyone may have this already!?!?). I really have been visiting it to think about different kids in my class and how they learn. Accessing the theorist allows me to test and plug in my assessments against a trusted body of knowledge. My favorite theorist is Howard Gardner and I find him most helpful for lesson planning to make sure I am accountable for different learning styles. I will continue to use this in my development and think it may be appropriate to link students (depending on the age) and parents to with a guided introduction.

Resources #4:
Child Find of WCSD (http://www.washoe.k12.nv.us/docs/student-support-services/ChildFindBrochure.pdf)
Anyone can make a referral and do that by contacting the WCSD Special Education Services at 333-5035. They identify, evaluate and coordinate services for children and families of children with disabilities and special needs. A couple times I have used this as a resource for parents who say they know someone’s child they are concerned about so they can gather information to help their friends. This is also how students were referred into our Strategies program.

Resources #5:
Nevada Parents Encouraging Parents (http://www.nvpep.org)
Reno/Sparks 4600 Kietzke Lane O-269 Reno, Nevada 89502Phone: 448-9950FAX:448-9603Toll Free 1-800-216-5188
I have just recently been introduced to this organization but see it as a resource to connect parents to and am guessing I would work with their family advocates in the IEP process. They also have a library and provide support to parents in a multitude of ways. I like that they move in direct service support and advocacy with families, support families to become advocates for themselves and others, and that they work to educate and advocate on local, state and national levels for families.

Jen Sebesta
07/10/2011 13:31

This website is a place for parents to start: they offer information on specific disabilities, developmental milestones, a place to read other parents' questions and answers, and information on existing treatments and therapies. The Family Life tab was the most interesting to me, as they offered information such as Travel Tips, Summer Camps for children with special needs, Finding Friends, and Halloween Costumes for the physically challenged. Overall the website was a positive resource for families who may not know where to begin.

1790 Vassar St.
Reno, NV 89502
This organization supports legislation and public education related to ASD. On their website they provide a directory of local, state, and national resources. Perhaps the most useful for parents here in Reno is the compilation of local pediatricians, psychiatrists, neurologists, support groups, and respite care facilities. Under Classes & Programs, there is schedule of lectures put on by UNR each month for ongoing education about ASD.

717 South 3rd St.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
FEAT is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help families of children with ASD. On the website, they provide information on A.B.A. therapy and alternative treatments such as dietary changes that may help children with autism.
There is also a F.E.A.T. of the Carson Valley (www.featofthecarsonvalley.org) which provides more information regarding local activities and resources.
P.O. Box 2274
Minden, NV 89423

3700 Grant Avenue, Suite A
Reno, NV 89509
The Continuum is a respite care service for all ages located in Reno. One of the most beneficial programs that they offer is an Early Intervention Program and Preschool program for children who have not yet entered the public school system. They also have Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy programs for adults and children, and the website provides excellent information on each. I would suggest these programs to parents who may be interested in additional therapy for their children with disabilities.

820 Rancho Lane, Suite 62
Las Vegas, NV 89106
As educators, we will surely run into parents with differing beliefs regarding treatment and therapy options for their child, especially concerning children with autism as there is still much to be learned about it. This organization could be a great place to refer parents who are interested in learning more about alternative treatments for children with autism, such as acupuncture or music therapy. Their mission is to provide a calm and nutritious environment for children to maximize their health.

Amanda McBride
07/10/2011 16:27

Amanda McBride
SPED 540
Resource Collection

Resource Name: Nevada PEP
Contact Info: 775-448-9950
4600 Kietzke Lane, Reno
Nevada PEP is a valuable resource for families with children with disabilities. Their goal is to strengthen opportunities through education, encouragement, and empowerment. They provide information and training for these families and children with special needs.

Resource Name: Transition Programs
Contact Info: 775-333-6175
219 E. Plumb Lane, Reno
The Transition Programs is provided by the Washoe County School District to assist students with disabilities aged 14 and over in job training, job development, and providing work experience. They provide resources for the families and children/young adults to ensure success in transitions from school to everyday life.

Resource Name: Assistive Technology Team (WCSD)
Contact Info: 775-333-5036
560 Mill Street 3rd Floor, Reno
The Assistive Technology Team provides children with assistive technology equipment to assist in task completion for educational purposes. The child must have an IEP and have a problem that deems assistive technology necessary.

Resource Name: Department of Curriculum & Instruction/Christine O. Cheney
Contact Info: Christine Cheney
College of Education @ UNR
Christine Cheney provides IEP tutorials assisting in how to write an effective IEP. She reviews the process and explains each section of such through a web-based class.

Resource Name: Disability Resources
Contact Info: 775-329-1126 or info@disabilityresourcenv.org
Disability Resources is a non-profit organization committed to helping individuals with special needs achieve their goals through job training. They provide programs such as supportive living arrangements and respite.

Brenda Watts da Silveira
07/10/2011 20:28

Brenda Watts da Silveira
SPED 540
Resource Collection
1. Nevada 2-1-1
www.nevada211.org, (775)784-8085, (702)836-2110
Network service for various organizations available to Nevadans needing information on essential health and human assistance programs located in their community. Help can be identified in the following areas: basic human services, physical and mental health resources, employment support services, support for seniors and persons with disabilities, programs for children, youth, and families, and support for community crisis and disaster recovery.

2. Willow Springs Center
www.willowspringscenter.com, (800)448-9454, (775)858-4557
690 Edison Way, Reno, NV 89502
Residential treatment facility helping children and adolescents recover from emotional, psychiatric, behavioral, and chemical dependency problems. The facility includes a licensed psychiatric hospital and licensed private school operating on 9-week sessions.

3. National CASA Association
www.casaforchildren.org, (800)628-3233
100 West Harrison Street, North Tower, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98119
The organization is a network of programs recruiting, training, and supporting volunteers to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children in the courtroom and other settings. Volunteers are appointed by judges to watch over and advocate for abused and neglected children. Volunteers participate in a 40-hour training program prior to their appointment.

4. The Children’s Cabinet
www.childrenscabinet.org, (775)856-6200
1090 South Rock Blvd, Reno, NV 89502
This organization exists to keep children safe and families together by offering services and resources to people in need in the areas of child care support, and families and youth intervention services.

5. Bristlecone Family Resources
www.bristleconereno.com, (775)954-1400
1725 South McCarran Blvd, Reno, NV 89502
A residential facility that helps people overcome addictions with alcohol, drugs, gambling and tobacco. Treatment is provided at all levels of need to individuals and families suffering from the impacts of addiction.

Mark Rincon
07/11/2011 09:51

Mark Rincon
SPED 540
Resource Collection

Resource #1
Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities
Department of Health and Human Services
4126 Technology Way, Suite 201
Carson City, NV 89706
(775) 684-5943

This is a state resource to help families understand some of the services that can be provided to families. Mainly helps individuals and families apply for programs funded by a combination of State General Funds, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Service Block Grants. I think this would be a great resource for helping parents get access to services in Nevada.

Resource #2
State CHIP Program
Division of Health Care Financing and Policy
Nevada Check Up
1100 East Williams Street, Ste 200
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 684-3777; (800) 360-6044

The Mission of the Nevada Check Up program (Children’s Health Insurance Program) is to provide low-cost, comprehensive health care coverage to low income, uninsured children (birth through 18) who are not covered by private insurance or Medicaid. I would use this website for providing information to parents who have questions on where to get medical assistance for their children.

Resource #3
Parent to Parent
Kara Krutsinger, Resource Coordinator
Family TIES of Nevada
3100 Mill Street, Suite 117
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 823-9500; (866) 326-8437

Family TIES of Nevada is a statewide nonprofit organization directed by people with disabilities and their family members. This organization guides the public to find resources that are available on a state level. Also, this would be a great organization to contact if you were a parent new to navigating the system of care for children with special needs.

Resource #4
Washoe County School District
Student Support Services

This is the website from the Washoe County School District and it service as the main portal for receiving information regarding students with special needs. I would use this website to find information on specific services for my students and parents.

Resource #5
State Parent Training and Information Center (Disabilities)
Nevada PEP
Karen Taycher, Executive Director
Contact: Natalie Filipic, Director of Operations
Suite 106
2355 Red Rock Street
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 388-8899; (800) 216-5188

Nevada PEP provides training and information to parents of infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities. They have offices in Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada. This organization offers training courses for parents and I feel it would be a great organization for parents to get acquainted and make contact with for their children. Also, the organization provides services for Spanish speakers.

Katie Bergin
07/11/2011 14:15

Katie Bergin
SPED 540
Resource Collection

Resource #1: Washoe County School District website
425 East Ninth St.
Reno, NV 89512

If you are teaching in the Washoe County School District, this is a great resource because it is the official website of the school district. This is a helpful site to us as professionals as well as parents and families. When I was doing a project on the RTI model, one principal recommended that I do a search on this website to find resources. It was full of helpful information.

Resource #2
Nevada PEP
Northern Office:
4600 Kietzke Lane, Ste. C-128
Reno, NV
fax 775-448-9603

PEP stands for: Parents Encouraging Parents, Professionals Empowering Parents, Parents Educating Professionals. This is a great resource for us as professionals and parents. It is a great place for parents to get some information if they have concerns or think their child may have a disability.

Resource #3

This is a great online resource about the law IDEA. This can be helpful to professionals for a guide as to what is required of us. It is also a great resource for parents to better understand their rights as well as their child's rights.

Resource #4
OCR: Office for Civil RIghtshttp://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/504faq.html
General Information 1-800-USA-LEARN

This is another great online resource from our US Department of Education. This page addresses Section 504. Many parents are not familiar with a 504 plan and how this can help their child if they do not qualify for Special Education.

Resource #5
Americans with Disabilities Act
fax 202-307-1197
Mailing Address:U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Civil Rights Division
Disability Rights Section - NYA
Washington, D.C. 20530

This is a great resource to educate professionals, parents, and students about their rights. I would recommend this site for students during transition and about to graduate.

Daniel Marble
07/11/2011 14:52

Contact info:
818 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20006
(P) 202-628-2800, 800-933-8721 (F) 202-429-0868 (TDD) 202-737-0645 info@vsarts.org
Reno office:
VSA NEVADA 250 Court St Reno NV 89501
PHONE 775-826-6100 FAX 775-337-6107
VSA is a national art foundation that provides art education to individuals with special needs, that are sick, and the general education population. I have seen them in action with my CLS students and the work they do is phenomenal. I will use them in my general or special education class.
Camp Lots of Fun/Camp Lotsafun
Contact info:
Camping Enhances Lives... You Can Make It Happen!
Camp Lotsafun 3660 Baker Lane, Suite 103 Reno, NV 89509
Office 775-827-3866 | Fax 775-827-0334 | Camp Lotsafun Cell Phone 775-223-6532
Camp Lots of Fun is a local Reno organization that puts on a camp for special needs children. The camp is held at UNR. The students learn life skills, academics, and have plain ole fun. I will have this resource posted in my room somewhere for students/parents to view.
Children’s Cabinet
Contact Info
Main Office: All services
1090 South Rock Boulevard
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 856-6200
Fax: (775) 856-6208

The Children’s Cabinet in Reno offers services to children that may have been removed from the custody of their guardians. It is important to be familiar with this organization because as teachers we might have a student that is living at their facility. If we know the resource and are familiar with it then we will be better off helping the students that we have that are living there.
Solace Tree
Contact info:
The Solace Tree
P.O. Box 2944
Reno, NV 89505
Phone: (775) 324-7723
Fax: (775) 324-7725
Email: info@solacetree.org
Solace tree is a resource in Reno for children, teens, and adults to receive free grief counseling after a close person to them has passed. The organization is free. I would recommend it to families that need support after someone close has passed. A majority of the counseling is done through art therapy.
Nevada PEP
Contact Info:
Nevada PEP Central
2101 S. Jones Blvd.
Suite 120
Las Vegas, Nevada
Satellite Office Reno/Sparks
4600 Kietzke Lane
Reno, Nevada
Toll Free

This is an organization that endeavors to bring families and professionals together to make the lives of disabled children. I will defiantly inquire into the professional development activities they offer because I bet they will prep me to become a better partner in an IEP meeting.

Shannon Dehuff
07/13/2011 10:47

Family Resource List
Resource #1:
WCSD Family Resource Center
Central Reno Office
1755 S. Wells Ave.
Reno, NV 89502

Mission: To strengthen families by building networks of support and providing education, financial aid guidance, and CPS supports for families in need.

Resource #2:
Nevada Dept. of Health and Human Services.

This is a comprehensive state website which provides links to all the various physical health, mental health, financial, and housing related issues for families with special needs. In order to obtain contact information, please log onto the website and scroll down to the particular area of need. By clicking on the various links to get individual information.

Resource #3:
Financial Resources for Families of Children with Special Needs/Project Assist
IDEA Part C Office
70 Linden St. Suite 12
Reno, NV 89502
Project Assist: 800-522-0066

Provides comprehensive information about the financial aid resources available to families with special needs: Nevada Check up, MAABD (medical assistance for aged, blind, disabled family members).

Resource #4:
Family Ties of Nevada
3100 Mill St. #117
Reno,NV 89502
P: 775-823-9500

This is the local affiliate of the state agency Family Voices which speaks on behalf of children and youth with special needs. Non profit organization which is directed by people with disabilities. Provides job information, educational support services.

Resource #5:
Special Education Homeschool Network
PO Box 1212
Carson City, NV 89702

This agency is operated through the Nevada Homeschool Network and is an extension of the main program. State funding is provided for students with special needs who have IEP's that wish to attend school at home. A state certified instructor will be assigned to the family to help tutor/manage the childs education and see that funding is properly distributed.


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