Which of the seven concepts of partnership is most important to you?  Why?


02/17/2012 21:58

The concept of trust is the most important concept in the seven principles of partnership. Trust is the cornorstone that holds the partnership together. Without trust nothing is really accomplished. No one belives anyone is looking out for the best interest of the child or the family. Trust is necessary to get work done for a child with disabilities. The parents must trust that the SPED staff are really looking out for the needs of the child and the staff is providing the best education possible for the child. The staff must believe that the parents want what is best for the child and the parents will become advocates for the child's needs, hopes, and dreams. The child must believe and trust that the teachers want what is best and will work hard to help the child learn skills for his future life.The partnership works together and advocates for the educational, vocational, social, and self-confidence skills necessary for the student to build a life for themself after graduation from high school. Trust is the glue and the bond that holds the partnership together as they go through planning and implementing the programs included in the IEP.

02/24/2012 21:32

I think that the most important aspect of a part of a partnership is respect. I do not think that you can have a meaningful relationship without respect. This can sometimes also be the hardest aspect of a partnership. When dealing with other professional as a team everyone is going to have different opinions and sometimes these will differ. But as a professional if you can find a common ground on which you all agree or agree to disagree then each member of the team will gain greater respect for each other. When dealing with parents sometimes this comes naturally when hearing some of the hardships they are dealing with. I have had the most respect for some families I have known by their determination to do what is right for their child.

Adam Torrero
02/28/2012 14:16

I agree with Joe and Janis. Respect and honesty will create better bonds than any other. If you are honest with people they will trust you and if they trust you then productivity will occur.

02/28/2012 17:34

I agree that trust is extremely important. From a parent's point of view, I would have a hard time maintaining a relationship with anyone in my childrens' lives, if I couldn't trust that person.


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